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   Switching Power Supply-15W
   Switching Power Supply-20W
   Switching Power Supply-25W
   Switching Power Supply-35W
   Switching Power Supply-40W
   Switching Power Supply-45W
   Switching Power Supply-50W
   Switching Power Supply-60W
   Switching Power Supply-80W
   Switching Power Supply-100W
   Switching Power Supply-145W
   Switching Power Supply-150W
   Switching Power Supply-200W
   Switching Power Supply-250W
   Switching Power Supply-300W
   Switching Power Supply-400W
   Switching Power Supply-500W
   Machine type DC-DC 35W
   Machine type DC-DC 50W
   Substrate AC-DC 15W Single
   Substrate AC-DC 40W Multiple
   Big Power 1500W
   Big Power 1800W
   JLFS-60W Waterproof
   JLFS-36W Waterproof
   JLFS-20W Waterproof
   JLFS-10W Waterproof

GUANGDONG FOSHAN KALI ELECTRON INDUSTRY CO.,LTD is a company engaged in switching power supply development, production, sales integration of professional switching power supply manufacturers. At present our company production of switching power supply products have: AC/DC switching power supply, DC/DC switching power supply, Substrate type switching power supply, multiple isolated output power switch power supply......dozens of switching power supply specifications and series. Are widely used in military and civilian telecommunications equipment, instrument and apparatus, automatic control system, the display of computer network, Security field sound system, can also be customized according to customer requirements of switching power supply. In the shortest time to respond and meet customer demand, delivery on time, quick service, adequate inventory, in the switching power supply in the field to help customers to manufactured goods out of the Asia-Pacific region, to enter the European market, become a long-term partner.

Switching Power Supply40W Switching Power Supply200W Switching Power Supply300W Switching Power Supply500W
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